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This is my MEPT (Manned Experimental Propagation Transmitter)sending a QRSS message as seen from the QRSS grabber of KK7CC in Las Vegas, Nevada . It's currently running on 30 meters around 10.140025 Mhz. If you see my signal let me know! (beacon AT ka7ftp DOT com) Please include your location and the exact frequency.

My transmitter is built using the design of David Hassall's Model 2 MEPT QRSS transmitter. David has been fantastic in answering my endless emails! (Thank you David) The only difference in my transmitter, is that I built the keyer around the Atmel AT89C2051 microcontroller. The schematic and source code are linked below. The program is pretty simple with everything being hard coded at assembly time. I use the ASEM-51 8051 Macro Assembler, linked below. If you use my keyer program just edit the "YOUR_CALL_HERE" text with your call sign before you assemble. You can also set the speed for a slower dot rate. The timing routine is based oupn an 11.0592 Mhz crystal. I used this frequency so later I could support proper serial port baud rates when I get around to adding in addition features.

The transmitter runs into a dipole in the attic of my garage.

Fri Nov 11 03:38:32 UTC 2016